Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Okay people. Please don’t turn this page over and jus glue your eyes to this article. Since you are already started reading the beginning of this article, why not just read it all and enjoy the true facts about it.

First of all, what makes you stop by this article? Surely of cause, it must be the interesting one-word topic—LOVE. Believe it or not but the word itself can attract peoples’ attention no matter who you are. But wait, don’t get the wrong idea. Love is not all about a boy and a girl falling head over heel in love with each other. This is only the part of love.

Just look around you, don’t you realise that love has surrounded you from the day you were born? Since we’re babies, our parents and family have been lavishing us with love. They provide us with all the best things they can afford and give us education so we have light and guidance in life.

Kindergarten days were the first time we get friends and discover the friendship’s love. The more dramatic and thrilling part was when we enter teenager’s hood. Being in a period between childhood and adulthood, we learn that not all friends, love and care about us sincerely.

As we took another step ahead in life, we realised we have grown to be more mature in both mentally and physically. The height of our adolescents, the best time in our life. Suddenly, from no where it comes to us. So sweet, so cute, so irritating, so frustrating yet so interesting. Puppy love describes it all. The first love (to an opposite sex), the first date, the long hours of conversation (don’t forget the high telephone bills), the first taste of jealousy and don’t forget the won’t be forgotten, the first heart-break.

From my point of view, puppy love did and could make changes in one’s personality. We learn to give and take, be patient and trust. But there’s one exception, even though you fully trust your partner, but you still have to think ‘bout what he/she have said ‘bout others.

There’s no doubt to say we can’t live without love. Because of love, we miss and remember our loved ones everyday especially when the loved ones are far away. Because of love too, we still remember those who had passed away and always keep them fresh in our mind.

Love can touch us one time,
And last for a lifetime…

The power of love is obviously great because it can affect our life. There is even a Malay quote on how powerful love is.

“Mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena, makan tak lalu…”

You can laugh at it but beware when your turn arrives! I also believe when we say love is blind and my biggest example is Titanic. Rose fell truly, madly, deeply in love with a con artist (but a very good looking one) when she choose to live a luxurious life with her fiancé. But please, avoid loving someone for their fortune or good looking figure. The real, true love can only be found from the inside not outside.

“The most beautiful things in life can never be seen or touched, but it must be felt from the heart.”

Well, we come to the end but before I pen-off, there are something I’ve once acquired and would like to share. Often in life we never appreciate the one we love until we lost them. How many of you told your parents everyday that you love them? If you haven’t, better get started. Who knows what will happen to them tomorrow. Last but not least, there’s a poem that have been one of my favourite and I hope it will be yours too.

“Roses are red, violets are blue,
When I tidur, I’ll be dreaming of you.
I love you, you love me,
I’ll remember you till the day I mati!!!”

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