Thursday, 21 May 2009

i've learnt how to admire someone
i've learnt how to b admired by someone
i've learnt how to like and dislike
i've learnt how to love
i've learnt how 2 b loved
i've learnt how to hate someone
i've learnt how to forgive someone
i've learnt how people can simply forget & find someone that they think suit 2 'em
i've learnt to judge 'emselves by they physical look
i've learnt not to trust someone that look innocent & naive

and those learning process makes me tougher & stronger..

thanx to all those A's 4 being a great teacher 4 me..

p/s - to my lil bro, sotet..
sometimes we must hurt in order to grow, we must fail in order to know..sometimes ur vision clears only after ur eyes r washed by tears..
(kite xtaw ape yg tlah ALLAH peruntukkan utk kite..b'sabarlah..)

What is the difference between 'learnt' and 'learned'?


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Anonymous said...

link cupcake...ngee. lgsg xda kaitn ngn entry akak ne. hehe.


nk tau bezanya....carilah dalam kamus.....
add la blog saya

iJaM said...

grammar2.. hehehe~

Anonymous said...

kak eyeda...oura ade tagged akak.. sile usha blog oura k.hee

Anonymous said...

haha.. kak eyeda.
ada tagged bru utk akak..
haha. g blog ora ek. ngee.